Introduction to Anti-rivalry MOOC recognised by Innoradar

11 April 2023

The work by Aalto University researchers has been recognised as as an Excellent Science Innovation by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar!

The Innovation Radar has highlighted the innovative potential of the Introduction to Anti-rivalry MOOC created as part of the H2020 project, ATARCA. Aalto University, along with project partner Demos Helsinki, was recognised as a key innovator in the project.

The Innovation Radar identifies high-potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation framework programmes.

The Introduction to anti-rivalry MOOC summarises what anti-rivalry is and what it means for business and community management. The MOOC also comes with links to a useful anti-rivalry toolkit that helps to plan and build communities and businesses based on anti-rivalry.

As proof of completing the course, participants will get an anti-rival expert sNFT straight to their wallet.

The MOOC can be found here:, and you can visit the Innoradar page here:

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