QBit’s main activity is to help entrepreneurs to start build successful companies, helping them in the technological, financial and strategical part.

Main activities: 

  • Develop and maintain the REC technical part, including the API, back office, mobile apps and infrastructure.
  • Invest and participate in innovative companies in seed phase.
  • Cryptocurrency and investment advisory.

Founders of QBit come from the cryptocurrency and security world, having founded several companies around the world related to cryptocurrencies (crypto exchanges and ICOs), and cybersecurity companies.

Two years ago, QBit started working together with NOVACT in the development and management of the REC monetary system and QBit’s team is the main contributor to the technical part of the project.

The REC is an exclusively digital currency and can be used with a mobile app (IOS and Android), so payments are contactless and through a QR code. The technological system of the REC can be replicated and integrated to other platforms to create new functionalities, always having the objective to promote local and cooperative economy.  

In this sense, QBit has experience in the design and implementation of monetary systems and social economies in different fields and areas, and therefore ATARCA is an opportunity to advance in the experimentation of new models and systems based on cooperation and collaboration.

Key personnel

Pere Andreu

Pere Andreu is Project Manager and backend developer. He coordinates the development team for Atarca. He is involved in the development and maintenance of the REC Api using Symfony Framework. He is also developing the permissioned blockchain in REC with Hyperledger Fabric.

He has worked in other projects:

  • The implementation of Sphera time tracker.
  • Development and maintenance of Almarda Sense Fils organization.
  • Crypto currency payment systems at Entropy Factory
  • Integration of FIAT payment gateways at Telepay

Pere Andreu is a first-time participant to FET under H2020.

Manolo Edge

Manolo Edge is the the REC front-end developer: develops and maintains either the Apps for android and IOS and the Back-office panel using Ionic Framework and AngularJS.

Lluís Santos

Lluís Santos is the REC backend developer: develops and maintains the REC  API using Symfony framework, he also does all the DevOps work related to the REC infrastructure and helps the REC team to take technological and security decisions.

Moreover, he worked on other projects:

  •   The implementation Creativechain project (https://creativechain.org)
  •   The implementation of Pylon network project (https://pylon-network.org/)
  •   He is one of the main contributors of the guifi.net expansion in Castellon area (https://guifi.net/castello).
  •   Contactless payment system and control access called TouchItEasy.
  •   Electronic signature system called SignItEasy.
  •   Contributes to the development of an open source game engine for WearOS and Android,  WearKit (https://github.com/tocappgames/wearkit) 
  • Contributes to the development of an open source solution for network backups, DisasterMan (https://github.com/qbitartifacts/disasterman)

Lluís Santos is a first-time participant to FET under H2020. 

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