Streamr Acknowledgement Token

Since 2017, Streamr has been building a data network. In open-source projects, like Streamr, the community plays an important role in contributing to its development. Such projects are anti-rival in nature: the more contributors, the better the project. However, these contributions, especially non-code contributions, receive little recognition.

In this use case, ATARCA will create shareable NFTs, called the Streamr Acknowledgement Token, to increase community engagement, particularly focused on community contributions towards building the Streamr project. The research proposition is that, by creating new types of tools for acknowledging the community’s programming and non-programming contributions, we can positively affect the knowledge sharing and creation in Streamr’s community.


Streamr is a “distributed open-source software project”, providing a global, decentralized peer-to-peer network of data. As part of the network, applications can publish or access data streams, creating an ever-increasing pool of data. The Streamr network has a wide range of potential uses, from data monetization to gaming.

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