Metaphors for data: Workshop to understand data

29 August 2021

For many, data is an intangible and vague concept, highly valued but not completely understood. Data has become almost a buzzword in modern society, offering promises of tailored and strategic decision making. The increasingly crucial role of data in business, government and education highlights the need for a shared understanding of what data is, its attributes, and how it can be used. As a part of their end of year project, a group of masters’ students in the IDBM program at Aalto University designed a “pocket workshop” to enable the development of a shared understanding of data.

The multidisciplinary group of students identified twelve metaphors to help explain data as a resource in today’s world.  The metaphor cards can be used in four activities to encourage discussion and reflection on data.

Read the final report,”Workshop in a Wallet: Data Edition”, here.

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