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Learning by doing: Solving the Tragedy of the Commons one Meal at a time

7 December 2022
This is an adapted version of a post originally written by S.M. Amadae, Marianna Laine & Maija Harju and published on the Aalto University news site. When we first began talking about anti-rivalry as part of ATARCA, we were met with confused faces. Everything we’ve ever been taught about economics goes about anti-rivalry — how […]

ATARCA Newsletter 9/2022: Preparing for an anti-rival autumn

30 September 2022
This summer featured many firsts for ATARCA and our efforts to capture anti-rival value. In May, Food Futures team members wrappd up the Sustainble Consumption MOOC, in which they were able to test the usability and functionality of tokens. In July, the first users of the Connecta app, the platform used in the Barcelona Green […]

An overview of anti-rival tokens in ATARCA

30 September 2022
An overview of anti-rival tokens in ATARCA The three ATARCA use cases implement new forms of NFTs to capture the anti-rival value of each case. This post briefly describes the tokens used in each case. A more thorough explanation of the tokens can be found in Project Deliverable 2.1 – Report on Crypto-economic mechanisms for […]

Reflections on ATARCA Meet Up – June 2022

1 September 2022
After over a year working together, we had our first in-person consortium meeting of ATARCA! On June 8 2022, 19 members from all the organizations participating in the project got together in Barcelona for three days where we were able to have very productive meetings about different aspects of the project. For many, thsi was […]

Commons, anti-rivalry, and a sustainable economy – learnings from ATARCA’s 2nd Policy Observatory

29 June 2022
STARTING POINTS Web3, blockchain and decentralised technologies are moving forward at extraordinary speeds. These technologies create avenues for positive changes in our economies, and can be used to challenge existing extractive economic structures. Let’s begin from our end-goal: what is the economy we strive to build? What does it look like and how does it […]

RELEASE: Report on Crypto-economic Mechanisms for Anti-rival Goods

28 June 2022
In June, we released our report on the crypto-economic mechanisms for anti-rival goods, one of the public facing deliverables of our project. In this report, we outline the logic behind the tokens we employ in each of our three use cases. “Thus, the purpose of this document is to report our current and evolving understanding […]

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