Food Suffering and Wellbeing Index: An anti-rival approach to food consumption

26 August 2021
We consume three meals on average in a day which are constituted by several ingredients. The production of these food items has a lasting impact on factors such as the soil, water, and air and human and animal factors such as their rights, welfare, and even livelihood. However, when making food-related decisions, we are most […]

Anti-rival index for hyper transparent blockchain product sourcing

12 June 2021
TEAM: M. PENTTINEN, R. JŪMITE, AND S. SOOD SUPERVISOR: DR. S.M. AMADAE PUBLIC PARTICIPATION WORKSHOP AT BYOK, PIXELACHE FESTIVAL, ON JUNE 12, 2021   GOAL. Public engagement to develop a self-curated anti-rival index to be built as a prototype for a Food Futures to increase wellbeing and to reduce suffering.

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