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ATARCA Newsletter 4/2022: Special Edition! Introducing Food Futures

30 April 2022
The Food Futures use case is one of our three pilot experiments, testing the impact of anti-rival mechanisms on behavior. This case aims to encourage sustainable choices around the food we consume. This special edition of the ATARCA newsletter was prepared by the students working behind the scenes of the Food Futures case. Read the […]

ATARCA Newsletter 3/2022: Celebrating one year of building anti-rival understandings

31 March 2022
ATARCA has officially reached the halfway point of our project, celebrating one year since we began on April 1, 2021! In that time, we have defined three anti-rival use cases in three contexts, outlined relevant EU policy, and brainstormed wider societial implications. One of our biggest breakthroughs of the last year is identifying the role […]

About anti-rival goods and incentives (External blog by Jarno Marttila)

14 February 2022
Image from: Museovirasto CC BY 4.0

ATARCA Newsletter 12/2021: Exploring anti-rival futures

31 December 2021
As the year comes to a close, we at ATARCA have been taking the time to reflect on the growth we have made as a project. As anti-rivalry is a novel concept to many, we have been identifying the best-fit contexts for anti-rival solutions. Co-creation has been a central tool in our work this autumn. […]

Policy implications of anti-rival economies and new data policies at hand in ATARCA’s first Policy Observatory session

21 December 2021
While the global economy is increasingly centered around data, the data economy and markets remain flawed. We still depend on centuries-old assumptions of scarcity that do not hold for digital goods, which are abundant. The H2020-research project ATARCA suggests that many digital goods are anti-rival by nature: they gain value the more they are shared. […]

The Web3 Digital Citizen: anti-rivalry as an incentive for collaborative engagement

14 December 2021
By Claire Shaw, Aalto University The concept of a digital citizen remains somewhat contested, depending on who offers the definition. In the beginning of discussions on digital citizenship, the emphasis was placed on access to the internet and the skills to use it. As internet access has become more prolific, more recent discourse instead focuses […]

What do we mean by data? – a moment for creative discussion at the ATARCA Untitled Session

7 December 2021
At left a close-up of some of the data metaphors explored in the untitled festival session. What if we looked at data as we do at water, sunlight, or currency? As digital data is a relatively new phenomenon, it is fruitful to consider the implications of treating it as we do the more established parts […]

ATARCA Newsletter 10/2021: Looking ahead to anti-rival experimentation

31 October 2021
Welcome to the first edition of the ATARCA newsletter. ATARCA is an EU-funded project exploring the concepts surrounding and technology supporting an anti-rival economy. Since beginning the project in April, exciting things have been happening within ATARCA, as we explore potential and on-going anti-rival use cases, build shared understandings of data, and imagine an anti-rival […]

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