ATARCA Newsletter 9/2022: Preparing for an anti-rival autumn

This summer featured many firsts for ATARCA and our efforts to capture anti-rival value. In May, Food Futures team members wrappd up the Sustainble Consumption MOOC, in which they were able to test the usability and functionality of tokens. In July, the first users of the Connecta app, the platform used in the Barcelona Green Shops case, logged on. As fall begins, we look forward to what happens next and we begin to measure the impact of our work.


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ATARCA Newsletter 4/2022: Special Edition! Introducing Food Futures

The Food Futures use case is one of our three pilot experiments, testing the impact of anti-rival mechanisms on behavior. This case aims to encourage sustainable choices around the food we consume. This special edition of the ATARCA newsletter was prepared by the students working behind the scenes of the Food Futures case.

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ATARCA Newsletter 3/2022: Celebrating one year of building anti-rival understandings

ATARCA has officially reached the halfway point of our project, celebrating one year since we began on April 1, 2021! In that time, we have defined three anti-rival use cases in three contexts, outlined relevant EU policy, and brainstormed wider societial implications.

One of our biggest breakthroughs of the last year is identifying the role of the shareable NFT (sNFT) within our work. While the technical implementations are still being refined, the concept represents a way to compensate for the anti-rival aspects of certain goods and behaviors. In this newsletter, we introduce our proposals for anti-rival sNFTs. If you have thoughts on shareable NFTs, feel free to reach out to us on twitter at @ATARCA_EU or on our website!

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ATARCA Newsletter 12/2021: Exploring anti-rival futures

As the year comes to a close, we at ATARCA have been taking the time to reflect on the growth we have made as a project. As anti-rivalry is a novel concept to many, we have been identifying the best-fit contexts for anti-rival solutions.

Co-creation has been a central tool in our work this autumn. This has included internal workshops to establish the technical requirements of anti-rival ecosystems, workshops with local community members to identify their needs, and events with policy-makers and stakeholders to develop a bigger picture of the policy implications of anti-rival economics. As we go into the new year, we look forward to applying our learnings to the practical use cases.

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ATARCA Newsletter 10/2021: Looking ahead to anti-rival experimentation

Welcome to the first edition of the ATARCA newsletter. ATARCA is an EU-funded project exploring the concepts surrounding and technology supporting an anti-rival economy. Since beginning the project in April, exciting things have been happening within ATARCA, as we explore potential and on-going anti-rival use cases, build shared understandings of data, and imagine an anti-rival future.

Most recently, we have been developing potential uses for an anti-rival economy and identifying the characteristics of tokens that would be used within those cases. In September, we met with our policy advisory board to further advance these ideas. As we move forward, our ideas on anti-rivalry and its social and technical requirements will continue to grow.

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